Humble Programming

THP stands for “The Humble Programmer”. The Humble Programmer by E. W. Dijkstra is my favorite article about programming ever. I read it dozens of times and I’ll read it dozens of times again. It is old, written back in 1972. It is (too) long. It talks about things like EDSAC, ALGOL, and PL/1. Still, between the lines of every paragraph there is that everlasting, inspiring message I decided to be the name of this blog:

We shall do a much better programming job, provided that we approach the task with a full appreciation of its tremendous difficulty, provided that we stick to modest and elegant programming languages, provided that we respect the intrinsic limitations of the human mind and approach the task as Very Humble Programmers.


People ask me why I love programming. It’s simple. In it, I feel most creative.


My name is Igor Rončević.

Those two marks above the “c”-s in my last name are not accents. They denote two full-blown letters of the Croatian alphabet: “č” and “ć”. Back in the 90s, when I was starting my programming endeavor “č” and “ć”, along with other Croatian diacritics, were the primary cause of sick leaves among software developers. Displaying them correctly on the screen required programming skills, patience, and nerves of steel. Printing them out was considered to be mission impossible.


TODO-IG: Write something about yourself.