Null is a Mystical Guardian

When null reaches the surface.

Willkommen Null

“What is this – null?” my good friend Čazim asked me when I helped him to create his profile on the Austrian Labor Agency web site.

Willkommen null on the Austrian Labor Agency (AMS) Web Site

“It’s a warm welcome and at the same time a sign that someone didn’t do her/his job well.” I told to him.

(Speaking of a warm welcome and not doing the job well, here is another one example. This time it wasn’t null reaching the surface but Mr. !%firstName%!.)

Willkommen firstName - Bug on the iTunes download page

Hunted by Null

Explaining null to someone who just got his first computer is not an easy task. Here is the best definition I found so far:

Null is a mystical guardian who protects you when you enter new areas. He is a passive and benevolent force, and as such his combat level never rises above 1.

The honest author of the above definition let null reach the surface of its game, giving us a unique opportunity to get to know it better. So let’s take the opportunity and explore the mystical personality of null.

Null hunts you.

Null hunts you

Null can be used, dropped and examined.

Null can be used, dropped and examined

Null can be right-clicked.

Null can be right-clicked

Null is curious.

Null is curious

Null can be searched for. The search will never be in vain.

Null can be searched for

Null requires strength. A lot of it.

Null requires strength

Null knows how to be angry.

Null knows how to be angry

Null is a regular event. It can be killed many times in Daemonheim as well.

Null is a regular event

Null has its avatar. It’s a dragon, of course.

Null has its avatar

Null goes for cabbage.

Null goes for cabbage

After all this, how can anyone say that null is evil?

If you made it this far, chances are you might like my next blog post as well :-) Should I let you know when it's out?

Published on May 22, 2013