Shoot Yourself in the Foot

On taking things with a grain of salt.

[…] the MSDN Magazine […] the developer’s magazine full of exciting articles about all the different ways you can shoot yourself in the foot by using esoteric combinations of Microsoft products in your own software.

Joel Spolsky, How Microsoft Lost the API War


One could easily misunderstood this quote.

MSDN Magazine is know for its high quality articles on various topics. I read it on a regular basis and would recommend it to every programmer who uses Microsoft technology stack.

Why then the quote?

Well, I’ve just stumbled upon it while reading that old article of Joel Spolsky. I liked how Joel formulated it. It made me laugh :-) I see a lot of truth in it. It reminded me on all those technologies we were bombed with and suddenly no one seems to talk about them any more.

For me, the message behind the quote is - cum grano salis. Always take things with a grain of salt. No matter if it is a convincing MSDN article or a strongly opinionated blog post of an influencer.

Otherwise, you could easily shoot yourself in the foot.

If you made it this far, chances are you might like my next blog post as well :-) Should I let you know when it's out?

Published on February 14, 2015